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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Is It Fall Yet?

Can you believe it? Here we are approaching the final week in September, and my part of the country is still experiencing ninety-degree days with no rain in sight. The leaves are leaving their trees crisp and  brown--no fall color show this year.  The crunch of dead leaves underfoot is a sure indicator that fall-like weather will eventually arrive...that, and advertisements for the up-coming Yamboree in nearby Gilmer.

Whether we see fall weather or not, the calendar is saying NANO is just around the corner. Shall I try my hand or will I pass it up this year? Can't decide. Not that there isn't a possible writing project on a back burner. In fact, my stack of research books on the coffee table is just waiting for me to make time to dig in.

For some weeks, its been editing the manuscripts of several clients that has occupied my time. I've enjoyed the challenge of reading genres that I'm not personally interested in writing myself. But you never know, I might just rise to the challenge sometime in the future.

In fact,  I received a phone call today from someone inquiring as to the possibility of ghostwriting a true crime. I agreed to look over the material but not sure I'm the writer for the job. I'd be interested in feedback from my readers. What do you think?

I'm finally getting the hang of my new Notebook. I've found it quite convenient for working in comfortable positions rather than at a desk...like stretched out in bed. In fact, since my better half is glued to the TV, I think I'll make a quick retreat to the bedroom and add a few lines to my daily pages. Happy writing and reading, everyone!

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