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Monday, September 17, 2012

Lesson from a Wren

Sometimes the most ordinary of occurrences can prove to be a learning experience. I'm thinking about an incident that occurred earlier this year. Spring had finally sprung and the fertile earth called to me, saying "Come out and plant something."
Hot and sweaty, I headed for a cool drink.  As I passed the far corner of the house, a trio of orange streamers blowing in the breeze grabbed my attention. I stopped to consider their significance and wonder what my husband was up to now. Oh well, he'll let me know all in good time.
Sure enough, the next time we were both outside together, he motioned toward the corner of the house. "You see those markers?"  I nodded and he went on, "Twice I"ve cleaned out a nest some bird is trying to build under that eave. This time those things flapping should keep her away."
Less than a week, he came back with a new report. "You looked at the corner of the house lately? She"s gone and built that nest back...all in one day." He shook his head. "There wasn't anything there this morning and tonight we got a full-blown nest."
What could I say? In the first place, I never considered the newly-built nest a problem. To give my husband credit, he did eventually acknowledge defeat and that little wren succeeded in raising her two young-uns that spring.
Which is where the lesson comes in and what I learned from it. I decided I needed to have the determination of that little wren whenever I took on a project.. Despite any bumps in the road or even if I feel my efforts seem to be getting nowhere, when God sets a purpose in my heart, I need to persevere and see the matter through to completion. The path may be strewn with boulders, but if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, pick myself up when I stumble, eventually I'll reach my goal. Just got to keep remembering that wren..

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