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Monday, May 28, 2012

Building A Nest

Our resident bluebirds are busy hatching their second brood of the season. This particular pair chose a nesting box my husband hung on a pole at eye-level, thus making it convenient for us to keep an eye on progress.

We took turns peeking in earlier this spring. Through the entrance hole, we watched as four pale blue eggs morphed into baby birds. When a great-nephew came to visit a couple weekends ago, I took him to get a look. By then, the babies were already covered with blue feathers so we knew their launch into the world was imminent.

Once vacated, my husband cleaned out the nest's used materials so the parents would be encouraged to return. Sure enough, yesterday he announced there was another clutch of eggs snuggled in new nesting material.

Which got me to thinking. How much alike the birds are we humans? Are you someone who prefers to stay grounded in familiar surroundings? Maybe do a bit of rearranging or re-decorating when you feel the need for a change? Spiff up the place with new towels or pillows? Or do you get the itch every once in a while to put on your traveling shoes...try out new places to live...new situations to experience?

My husband and I have occupied our farmhouse for over thirty years. He's perfectly happy working with his farm equipment and barn full of tools. Maybe he'll consent to a trip to town once a week for a restaurant meal but has no desire to leave the place.

 I, on the other hand, have always enjoyed traveling. I like going to new places, seeing different parts of the country, talking to strangers. Although the possibility never came up, I think I'd adjust to a change in location if the opportunity arose. Even so, as I age, my venturings don't seem to happen as frequently as in the past. And when I do hit the road for a bit, I'm always glad to get back to familiar surroundings.

Seems like unchanged surroundings are what I find myself most satisfied with these days. Oh, on occasion we've done things like slap a new coat of paint on the walls, or maybe invest in a new sofa when the original wore out. We've done a couple major remodeling jobs over the years to make life easier and more comfortable. But all in all, we've pretty much settled among our long-acquired familiar things.

Maybe the fact that we no longer have the demands of raising a family to contend with.has something to do with it...it's just the two of us now. And that's okay. 

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