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About Me

About Me

Let me introduce myself. I live in a country farmhouse in East Texas. I've been married to a terrific man for fifty-seven years and my only living son lives nearby.

I didn't start writing until I was in my late forties and have been happily preoccupied with this occupation for close to thirty years. Now you can make a close guess to my age. 

My first writings was a collection of essays/devotionals based on what God was doing in my life at the time. The next phase of my writing career came about as a result of my consuming interest in herbs. I began putting together little booklets about the history of, the growing and the usage of herbs. This led to producing a bi-monthly newsletter sold by subscription and several articles in national magazines. Some time back, I put together a series for ( that is still viewable.

A local college's creative writing course introduced me to writing fiction. Since taking that course, plus doing a lot of reading and learning of the craft, I've published several novels, a history of my home town, a memoir of the years of my husband’s depression, a collection of short stories, a collection of essays regarding my father’s experiences with Alzheimer’s and three Shorts available only on Kindle. You can go to my Amazon Author Page to view them (

My most recent work, Not Bound By Blood, which was released in May 2016, is a story about the  life-long friendship of two women with diverse personalities and how their lives intertwined. It's inspired by a personal friendship I still have with a high school classmate. 

Through the years, I've met a lot of wonderful, creative people in this writing/reading world. Just recently, my creative interests have taken a shift and I have once again taken up paint brushes after setting them aside since my younger son was born forty-four years ago. Not sure how I will juggle the time commitments each of these activities require, but taking one day at a time.

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  1. so good to meet another blogger/writer of my age, who I think, feels the way I do about life and writing...
    Long may we both continue...