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Thursday, October 12, 2017

It Happens In Threes

What do you write about when life is a series of road bumps? And why do they always come three-at-a-time?

Compared to millions of people inhabiting this earth, I have a wonderful life filled with possessions that should remind me of how well off I am. But, when those same machines created to bring ease and comfort start to malfunction, I tend to bog down in stress.

It started with the act of adding window washer liquid to my newly-acquired Kia's tank. As the serviceman poured, I noticed a steady drip down below. Result? A leaking tank needs replacing.

Last week I opened my washer's lid to find the clean clothes standing in water. When my son had time to check it out, his recommendation was a circuit board needed replacing.

Recently fall arrived with a 40-degree drop of temperatures in a matter of hours. Needing a little warmth to take off the chill, I struggled to get the pilot light lit on my propane heater. Nope. Had to make-do with a portable space heater temporarily.

So, I started looking for the lesson in all of these inconveniences...and that's all they are, temporary inconveniences. I still have a roof over my head, food in the house, clothes to wear, and money in the bank. Well, enough money to pay my bills anyway.

I'm not mechanical so whenever something breaks down or malfunctions, I call for help.

My first realization was how much I depended on my now-gone husband to keep my life running smoothly for the fifty-nine years we were married. Then I gave thanks for a capable son who lives nearby and is always ready to come rescue me despite a ten-hour workday. And I know there is a world of people ready and willing to share the gifts they've been endowed with by God.

I've come to understand there will always be bumps in the road of life. My response is to just accept these short-lived troublesome times and keep reminding myself of how blessed I am. This too shall pass.

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