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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

All In A Writer's Life

In the midst of preparing a manuscript for re-publication, I'm taking a break. Thanks to a generous gift from a precious family member, my wish to see siblings in far away places is being realized.  

This Saturday I'm flying to New England to visit a sister who lives in Rhode Island. While I'm there, another sister who now lives in South Carolina will be visiting a daughter living nearby. It has been several years since we three have been able to get together and I'm ready for a lot of talking and catching up.

I look forward to this break from the demanding physical work this summer as we cut down trees and cleared the way for my son's house to be moved onto the property. Now, the end is in sight and before the heavy season of book events is upon me, I thought I'd do this getaway.

Already I've committed to three events in October, added to my goal of getting Living With a Depressed Spouse back in print because the publisher went bankrupt. Saturday, October 14th, I'll join other members of East Texas Authors-Connect at the Hawkins Oil Festival in the park/pavilion area. After the parade, come by and say hi.

On Thursday, October 19th, I'll be participating in the Longview Art Walk. Several of us will be set up in Citizens National Bank from five to eight. This will be my first time to take part in this happening.

Although I've been invited for the past seven years to join other authors at the Gathering of Authors that takes place in Texarkana, this is the first year I've been able to attend. I am so looking forward to what promises to be a grand weekend, visiting with lots of author friends and meeting, face-to-face, others whom I've known only through Facebook.

So look for an announcement sometime toward the end of October for the re-release of Living With a Depressed Spouse. It's a blend of memoir/self-help/informational book that offers much to anyone who finds themselves either coping with or living with someone suffering from depression.


  1. As I read this blog I realize that God has given you many things to occupy your time and get thru the lose of your husband.
    Enjoy your new life.