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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ever Heard of a CTA?


Call To Action

Seems this is the latest 'buzz word' connected to promoting your brand. I first heard it expressed at the NETWO conference I attended a couple months ago, One of the presenters, Ken Tumlinson (, tossed it around frequently.

Basically, it's another tool you add to your promoting bag of tricks to create connection with future readers. When I went looking for more information about what this involved, I found a lot of help on Facebook at

Of course, Facebook's talking about adding it to your page but you can include a CTA in any situation where you are reaching out to your reading public.

At the conference, we were encouraged to include it in our published books,  include a link to our Amazon page, asking the satisfied readers to go there and post a review.

Since I had a new novel coming out in May, I contacted my publisher to ask that it be added to the book. Unfortunately, the proof copy had already gone to the printer and I was told there would be a charge for any changes I wanted done.

My solution? A quick visit to Vistaprints where I designed some inexpensive stickers that I applied at the back of the pre-release copies I soon ordered.

Here's another website that explains the importance of a Call To Action:

Now to get busy and add a CTA to my social media accounts.

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