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Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanks-giving Post

Could not let the day end without sharing some of the things I'm thankful for. Many of you have been blessed to spend this day and share a meal surrounded by family and/or friends. For as many years as I can remember, it's been my husband and my custom to drive a hundred miles to be with extended family on this special day.However, this year is different. Because of diminishing health, my husband can no longer make the journey. 

This year we spent our day and enjoyed a simplified Thanksgiving meat at home, just the two of us. Over the years, I've reduced the effort required to prepare our meals. I no longer browse cookbooks or collect recipies. 

But, today I went the extra mile. My day started with the making of a sweet potato pie, using a fantastic recipe given to me years ago by a dear friend from Georgia. Earlier this week, I'd purchased a Cornish hen as a substitute for turkey knowing it would be ample for the two of us. A cup of stuffing made with bread crumbs and an assortment of seasonings filled the cavity to fullness. It provided just enough stuffing for two.

Next came a dish of peas and carrots swimming in Bernaise Sauce. Actually, the sauce was a left-over from a previous meal but made the vegetables just a bit more special.

When I check the pantry shelf, I was disappointed not to find a can of jellied cranberry sauce. This is a staple in our household; we eat it all year round.

I thought about rolls - always keep some on hand in the freezer - but decided it might be a deterrent to dessert.

And so, with a half-glass of wine to wash it all down, we sat and enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal. 

As the day comes to an end, I've come to the realization that attitude is everything. I could have made myself miserable and my husband feel guilty because of changed circumstances. Instead I chose to do what I could to make the day pleasant...and enjoyed myself doing so.

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