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Saturday, October 10, 2015

When In Doubt...

Sometime a blog topic will just scream to be written. Then, there are times like this week when all thoughts of writing anything are buried beneath a heavy to-do list. So, I came to this site today rather empty-headed. Duh! Did I just say that about myself? Oh well, if the shoe fits....

When the brain goes blank, I can always fall back on a  reliable practice ...I will count a few blessings I experienced this week.
  1. For my birthday, on Tuesday, which turned out to be a day of rest and relaxation in the midst of a very hectic week. My Facebook friends showered me with over 100 best wishes for which I am quite thankful.
  2. For my supportive and considerate husband who overcame his present condition's restrictions and arranged for me to receive a lovely basket of flowers on that special day.
  3. For the competent and capable talents of a young man who spent eleven hours over two days assisting me in cleanup efforts. Well, to be honest, I assisted him. I admire his confidence in keeping the machinery operating so the five dead trees lying across the fence were cut up and hauled away. 
  4. For the encouraging words from my first reader of the recently completed novel Not Bound By Blood. This project started way back in 2000.
  5. For the strength and endurance to complete the gathering of brush piles and loading them on the trailer. After a summer spent mostly at a computer, it was good to be physically active again. Losing three pounds over those two days was a good thing also.
Looking back, it certainly was a busy week; I even managed to fit in three meetings and a trip to Tyler lastly on Friday to get hubby enrolled in the Veterans' Medical Services program.

And perhaps, there will be time to start the research for a future project next week.

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