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Sunday, February 1, 2015

A to Z of Branding

There's a lot of advice out there for those who are newly published. One of the "hip" suggestions you hear frequently is the need to create your BRAND. Following are some of the means available to accomplish that goal.

Authenticity – nothing but the true you
Blog – an insightful website
Content – valuable content
Define your audience – focus on their needs
Email List – develop one and use it
Focus – define your brand and focus on niche audience
Graphic – create classy, tasteful design s
Help Others – find ways to be helpful to others
Influencers - seek out leaders and be of value to them
Join – find and join groups; get involved
Keywords – to help Googlers, build a list of keywords and use often
LiinkedIn – a have-to for professionals
Media – identify most useful to you and use them
Network – make connections locally, regionally and globally; spread your business card
Opine – make your stand known; don’t be bland
Questions – ask for help, ideas; be a good listener
Recognize – acknowledge everyone who assist your success
Slogan – create a catchy phrase that expresses what you have to offer
Teach – build your brand by becoming a trusted teacher
Understand triggers – learn the importance of reaching emotions
Voice – develop a unique voice
Win Friends – the key to word-of-mouth publicity
eXamine – analyze your results and build on successful attempts
You – write conversationally; “you’ is the reader
Zeal – nothing creates success like enthusiasm

I don't recommend anyone attempt to accomplish all these tips immediately - nibble away at the list and take on only what you're comfortable doing at first. Creating a brand to be recognized by is a long-term project.

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