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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here's What's Been Happening

I'll bet you've all been wracking your brain trying to figure out if I'd been kidnaped by aliens or where I've disappeared to, right? Not! Just got too busy with life to keep posting every week. And, I'm making no promises that I will resume that demanding chore. After all, I'm a retired gal and supposed to be doing what makes me happy, not put myself in chains trying to maintain a self-imposed schedule.
But I just had to break my silence to let everyone know what's been happening. First of all, in reference to my most recent post where I asked all to suggest a possible name for my latest WIP. Well, one day it just came to me...along with the back cover blurb...so who am I to argue with inspiration? The book has gone to press with the title....ta da...Morgana's Revenge.
In fact, as of this evening I got notification the book is in the hands of the printer and we, that is my publisher White Bird Publishing and I, are looking forward to an Oct. 1st release date. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.
But hold the applause, I have more news. Yesterday I signed a contract with Dancing Bear Publishing under the auspices of Bobbie Shafer to publish my fictionalized biography for Young Readers...Washington: Boy Surveyor.
On a personal note, I'm looking forward to visits from several family members who will be stopping in on their cross-country trips. My sister Shirley and her husband Norman are taking their first-ever camping trip away from Conn. and expect to pass through the early part of October. I have a niece who started her travels from Phoenix headed west before going all the way to the Canadian border. Shejust passed through Chicago on her way to Conn and will return home the southern route just so she can stop in to see me. Another sister and her husband who are full-time RVers and are presently volunteering at a national park in Nova Scotia, will swing by on their way back to the San Antonio area to spend the winter & holidays close to their daughter and only grandson. Busy times for this little farmhouse in the month of October.
Oh...and did I forget to mention there is a book signing in the works for October also? Just as soon as I coordinate dates I'll announce the where and when.
Until then keep writing and enjoying life.

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