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Friday, October 12, 2012

Books, books and more books

One step inside my home and you immediately know...books are a big part of my life. Every room other than the bathroom (that space is reserved for my ever-growing collection of figurines) has a bookshelf. The picture shows one way we found to cram more books into our little farmhouse.

Books have always been a vital part of my life. Growing up poor (we didn't know we were poor at the time) in the country where libraries were not available, I early-on discovered books were a doorway into a bigger world than the one I occupied. Growing up without television, books were the only alternative to exploring other lands and other people.

Books gave me the means to learn more about anything I became interested in.(You should see the library of books about herbs and writing I've accumulated) I find it very hard to dispose of a book once  it has become a part of my life. Some of the books on the above shelves are over thirty years old.

Which brings me to talk about the 'book revolution' happening these days...Ebooks, or digital versions of books. Being an author, I have no choice but to stay alert as to the preferences of the reading public.

Just this year I took the plunge and produced copies of my published books in E-format. A friend, Evelyn Byrne, who's connected to White Bird Publishing, graciously created ebooks of four of my short stories as Kindle Shorts. All of my books except Trouble Times (which as yet has not had its copyright reverted back to me) are now available in digital form and can be purchased through Amazon  or my website, www.pineywoodsbooks.webs.com.

For some time, I bucked the trend as far as my personal reaching choice. But, even though I haven't succombed and purchased an E-reader as yet, I do have a Kindle app on my computer and my list of downloaded books to read is steadily growing.

I don't expect to reject the familiar feel of a printed book in hand; that is, as long as a local library is nearby to keep me supplied.

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