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Friday, July 27, 2012

Coat Rack or Clothes Tree

Thomas Jefferson is believed to be the inventor of the first coat hanger, the precursor of the ubiquitous coat rack. They take up very minimal space and can be moved anywhere within the home. From holding coats to holding other types of things to free up space, a coat rack is most definitely a very handy piece of furniture.

I discovered the one pictured above many years ago while browsing a junk store outside of Fayetteville, AR. At first my husband objected to its purchase, saying we wouldn’t be able to get it inside the car for the drive home. But everyone knows a determined woman will always find a way. It has proved extremely useful in our small house. Our bedroom has only one closet, a bare four-feet square. Predictably, my husband claimed it which led to the purchase of an inexpensive free-standing storage unit for my hanging clothes.

Because they need very minimal space, they can be easily place in the corner of the home that would most times be unused space. My clothes hanger stands in my bedroom corner where it is in daily use for sleepwear and other clothes.

Wikipedia has given the term coatrack a whole new meaning. Just as the coats hanging from the rack hide the rack—in a Wikipedia coatrack article, the subject gets hidden behind the sheer volume words relating to a biased point of view. If interested, you can read more details by going to:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Coatrack#History

But back to the focus of my piece. Because of their ease of use and versatility, coat racks are making a comeback. They are ideal for small spaces, such as the studio apartment, and are much more versatile than built-in closets. Freestanding coat racks offer the option of inexpensive storage with easy mobility, and you can change locations as often as you need to.

When I went online to search for the history of this item, a passel of websites that sold this item popped up. From traditional to contemporary, for children and adults, you can find a style to suit your tastes. Search out a local flea market, junk store, and even an upscale home boutique to find one to suit your home’s style.

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