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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Framework of a Dream

The following was written some years back. I thought I'd share it because it personifies my life philosophy. 

 The mass of stillness contained within the framework presses against me, intimidating me with its hugeness. Overhead the bare ribs reach to enclose more sky, the skeleton covered by a tightly stretched canopy of inky blackness, a twinkling of white lights pierce its seeming limitlessness.

 Turning a slow circle, my eyes attempt to penetrate the emptiness, searching the vague distance for something, anything. But all solidity melts into the receding shadows. The quietness is suffocating, even my shallow breath seems an intrusion. Behind me, the warm glow of home-lights beckon. This giant hulk is waiting, incomplete; not yet imparted with the touch of life, its purpose for being. I feel the waiting, the anticipation of what is to be. Soon, now...soon.

Standing in the midst of that suspension, I close my eyes, once again conjuring up the vision. I surround myself with the sounds of shifting, bumping bodies, settling into their enclosures. The flat swat of a swinging tail, the heavy stamp of an annoyed foot are punctuated by the steady rhythm of teeth clamping and crunching. My nose is assaulted by the earth mixture of sodden feed, ripe grain and heated bodies. 

Overhead, the mountains of hay wait in readiness, unseen yet invading with a permeating sweetness that recalls the days of sweating bodies under a blazing sun. Lazy dust mites drift and swirl in shafts of light that puncture the dimness.

With the goal once again reaffirmed, I open my eyes. Having filled the empty space with dreams, I am content. As I turn to go, I stumble over the cat twining herself about my feet. It is Calico, a precursor of the soon-to-be fulfilled dream. She insinuates herself into my consciousness, insisting that I once again perform my duty and pronounce welcome upon her latest batch of kittens. I follow her lead to the near corner, the soft mews and cries growing louder as we approach. Calico settles amidst the tumbling bodies, concentrating on her duties as a mother. She is oblivious to the approving look I beam down.

Obligation fulfilled, I head for the house. Waiting is the bed, and sleep. I will rest my aching muscles and weary body, thankful for the refreshing a night of peaceful slumber can bring. Tomorrow will soon be here, another day to fill with strenuous but satisfying labor. Another day closer to the reality of the dream.

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